Ramona Maziarz Pen & Ink Artist
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Ramona Maziarz Pen & Ink Artist
Gallery 2
  1. Wood Frog
    Wood Frog
    Small Print $45
  2. Catching Toads
    Catching Toads
    Small Print $45
  3. Jack in the Pulpit
    Jack in the Pulpit
    Sm print $45 Lg print $85
  4. Nuthatch
    Sm print $45 Lg print $85
  5. Indian Pipes & Earth Stars
    Indian Pipes & Earth Stars
    Sm print $45 Lg print $85
  6. Luna Moth
    Luna Moth
    Sm print $45 Lg print $85
  7. Jane's Garden
    Jane's Garden
    Sm print $45 Lg print $85
  8. Red Screech Owl
    Red Screech Owl
    Small print $45
  9. Grace's Fig Tree
    Grace's Fig Tree
    Sm print $45 Lg print $85
  10. Bonfire
    Small Print $45
  11. Wolf Moon
    Wolf Moon
    7" x 10" print $45

Ramona Maziarz

      I am a pen and ink artist. My technique is simple; a metal nib dipped into a bottle of ink and touched to paper.  The wonderful way plants and creatures grow together is what drew me to the study of nature.  Nature determinedly leaves no place empty or untouched; weeds, flowers, insects and creatures living their lives entwined. It's that tangle of life I like to observe and ink.  In the chaos of these layers, there is an order, a rule for life; to continue onward, upward, and outward. I try to bring to my scenes a gentle acknowledgment to honor the common creatures. I endeavor  to explore and find the small things lost in this busy world, bringing creatures and bits of nature forward so we may know them intimately again. It goes both ways, the creatures in my artwork often look back at you as well.
      I call myself the Delaware Artist.  I make my living traveling to fine art festivals to show and sell my works.  Add to that; I am addicted to the AIRE programs across America. It is exciting to meet new people and see new vistas. I am positively challenged to grow each and every time. As I explore the woods and regions new to me I also bring to these places and people my inkings of Delaware.
      Talking to others and sharing my images ; I am very happy to find that the things I hold dear resonated in others. These conversations have underlined the importance of keeping natural places and creatures in the front of people’s minds.  As government funding lessens and parks are left out, as buildings over crowd our wildlife, as technology turns our heads away from the quiet outdoors I think it is doubly important to be a voice that speaks for wildlife.  That has been the best part of being a nature artist;  the connection it gives me to  the Earth as I explore and interpret for myself it’s wilderness and the sense of community sparked between myself and others.

WHYY TV came here one November to film a segment about me & the artwork for their news program Experience Delaware . They did an interview and took shots of me working in the studio and walking in the woods . The segment aired Nov 29th 2007 . To see the segment just click on http://www.youtube.com/user/RMaziarz