Who doesn't love a beautiful bonfire on a cool Autumn evening?
Hmmm, I see no hands raised so I am in good company. Let's go build one right now.

The Bonfire original has been sold but I have prints available

They are 7" wide and 10" tall and limited edition signed & numbered.

$45.00 each, shipping to 48 states is included

Wolf Moon

The Full Moon of every January is known as a WOLF MOON.

2016's Wolf Moon evening it snowed and when the clouds drifted off the landscape was illuminated in the most enchanting way.

The original has been sold but signed numbered limited edition prints remain , but their numbers are few. 

They are $ 45.00 each
7.5" x 10.25" approx.

Chapel Rock

I was honored in 2010 when I was invited to be the artist in residence at Pictured Rocks Lake Shore National Park in the Upper Peninsula Michigan. I was there most of the month of October and spent many happy days walking the shoreline paths , sketching and just taking in the awe inspiring beauty of Lake Superior and the cliffs and dunes of Pictured Rocks. It would be difficult to present one picture that could sum up the best of my experience in the U.P. but I sure gave it a go . I chose Chapel Rock as it is a notable rock formation on that shoreline. The tree that grows from it is a full sized Pine that feeds from a root that stretches from the rock to mainland. The enormous rock itself is sculpted by weather and time and is intriguing with the twists and turns and layers of color and odd openings. It's unreal but certainly natural. 

So much of that area was breathtakingly beautiful. I arrived as the leaves begun to change to reds, orange and gold. The color of the lake is a dazzling turquoise and deep green turning lighter as it got shallower. When sunset came it brought peach and lavenders to the sky and as night fell I was overwhelmed with the multitude of stars! Living on the East Coast means many city lights and illuminated highways, our night skies are ruined. There in the U.P miles and miles from any major light source the dark was deep and the stars were spectacular. I tried to share the experience in a way through this picture ; the sun setting, the stars coming out, the leaves, the Chapel Rock.

This image is 7" wide and 13" tall . Prints are $ 75.00

Snapdragons & Fireflies

I have to admit , I even like saying the words snap DRAGON & FIRE flies. I like those two words so close together. It makes me think of grand medieval things. Fire breathing dragons and such .

Flowers standing tall in the night and illuminated by lightning bugs , that is a pretty grand idea too. I also liked the idea of painting something folks arent likely to go looking for, a view of the garden at nightfall.

The original painting of "Snapdragon's & Fireflies" has been SOLD.

Limited edition , signed and numbered prints are still available for the price of $75.00 . 

This image measures  7.5" x 15". Because of the long thin shape of this picture the prints are only available in the one size

Grace's Fig Tree

Grace was a gentle & lovely Italian woman . A neighbor to my mother and a friend to my grandmother. She loved her garden and like many Italian families do , she kept a fig tree growing in her yard. She died and as her belongings were sorted out and kept , divided or thrown away by family...I was pleased and honored to find myself the new guardian of not only many of her spring bulbs but her fig tree as well.
I babied and loved that small tree and crossed my fingers that I was doing it no harm. The first summer the fruit came and I discovered how fabulous fresh figs are; the figs are delicious.

My picture here , of Grace's Fig Tree , tells a little story , inspired by the feminine appearance of the fruit. She is the Praying Mantis , infamous for her dominance over the males of the species....she bites off their heads after mating. She is on one side of the picture and the figs in full fruition divide the space between her and some very determined...Bachelor Buttons. A battle of the sexes and my own idea of wit .

The original of this painting is framed in a beautifully detailed dark wood frame with carved accents. The image alone measures 12" x 16". The price of the framed original is $1000.00.

  I also have the image available in unframed, limited edition , signed & numbered prints. The larger print is sized to fit matted inside of a 16" x 20" frame and it is $80.00 .
The smaller is sized to fit an 11 X 14 " frame the same way. The small print is $45.00.