Cape Henlopen Fox

  I moved to Delaware and discovered the beauty of Cape Henlopen with it's tall wild pines and sloping dunes and I felt more at home. As I wandered around Delaware's beaches I was happy to find foxes there too. I inked this picture of a fox curled round itself sleeping. I do not think you would ever catch one napping otherwise. I included the holly , the shells, the pine needles . I am hoping to share with the viewer , how it feels to sleep warm in the sun , on a cold winters day with the scent of the pine needles and salt air in your nose. Cozy and sweet. The original painting is Sold.

Limited Edition signed and numbered prints are available .
The smaller print measures 10 1/4" x 7 1/2 " and is $45.00
The large one is 16" x 11 1/2" and is $80.00

Catching Toads

I imagined a witch telling her feline friend to "catch me a toad".  I have a special affection for black cats and I've been blessed enough to have a few pass through our door to be our familiars.

 The original picture is about 7" wide and 10" tall double matted inside a deep brown mission style frame. It's still available for $325.00. 

I also had prints made in roughly the same size ; they are $45.00 each and are Limited Edition S/N

shipping to 48 states is included in all prices

Catching Crickets

Beautiful blue Clematis distracts the cricket as he winds his way around the rocks. This is a scene that plays out many times at my house. I do my best to rescue every cricket I can , much to my feline friends dismay. Truth is; if you love a cat you love a killer. We all have our parts to play in life.

The original is SOLD
Limited Edition Signed and numbered prints are also available
Large Prints (near 15" x 11") are $80.00
Small prints (which measure 10.25" x 7.5" approx) are $45.00

These prices all include shipping costs to 48 states USA

Rabbit in the Zinnias

This painting is a scene lifted directly from my own garden....the zinnias were perfect in red.
Cookie's behavior was not perfect as she regularly chased this dear bunny and that is where they hid. Cookie was my beautiful feline friend, see her picture below this one.

The original Rabbit has been sold to a nice couple here in Delaware
Limited Edition S/N prints are available.
Large Prints ( will fit matted in 16"x20" frame ) $ 80.00
Small prints ( will fit matted in 11"x 14"frame ) $45.00

Cookie Rests

There's my girl , Cookie , resting up after dinner . I wanted to ink a picture that would show off her sleek black fur and the snow white azaleas that she hides under. Thats all there is to this. A serene picture with lots of black and white contrasts and the detail of white whiskers on Cookie's sweet face and the whiskery stamen & pistils in the azalea. In the flowers there are large bumble bees loving the flowers in their own way. The original is SOLD. Limited Edition (300) signed & numbered prints are available.

There is more about Cookie on the Birds & Feathers page

Limited edition , signed and numbered prints
Large 15" x 12 " image size $ 80.00
Small 9 1/2 " x 7 1/2 " image size $ 45.00