Jack in the Pulpit

This is one of my favorites because I love the wonderful tranparency , the delicate lace of the dragonflies wings . It was inspired by the same patch of wetland that made me want to ink "Koi Pond".
This painting won a ribbon for Best of Show in a juried exhibition called "Wings" at the Dover Art League .  I am also proud to say that it was selected as worthy representation of the art women create when it was featured as part of the Fine Art Show sponsored by the Delaware Women's Conference , held at the Biggs Museum in 2006.    The original of this painting is SOLD.

It is available in the form of unframed, limited edition , signed and numbered prints. The print edition is numbered low at 200 and they are selling quickly.

Large prints are 10 1/4 " x 15 1/4"  and are $80.00. 

The smaller sized prints are SOLD OUT

Luna Moth

The topic of discussion was the difference between just looking at a thing or really seeing it for what and how it is. I was talking to some nice folks about nature journaling at Bombay Hook and I pointed out the lichen on a nearby tree..bright coral orange, lime greens, khaki, aqua blue...we agreed those colors seemed typical of a Key West bungalow and not so much as colors found in a Delaware woods but there they were.
A week later I was far away from the marsh, walking along a path I had walked often as a child, an old abandoned railroad bed in Rockport Pa.  Long ago the railway had dynamited the mountain to make way for trains and what remained was a wide flat path alongside a wall of raw open rock face with ferns, wild violets and columbine growing straight out . Trees had long ago grown along the way and mountain springs dripped wetly over the rock allowing thick lush green mosses to grow in abundance. It is home to me and a comfort I cannot put to words, how it feels to me when I run my hand over soft moss and smell the wet earth. I brought those two days of experience together in this picture and added a beautiful Luna Moth. Because she is a Luna moth I gave her a lightning bug companion , one shines by day and one by night.

The original Luna Moth is Sold

Limited Edition prints (300)

$80.00 Large 11" x 15" approx

$45.00 Small 10.25 x 7" approx

Jane's Garden

Jane is a wonderful woman who has shared her life stories , her friendship and her garden most generously with me. She has touched my heart with unexpected kindness and I am grateful.
I happily walked among her gardens in the company of three very large black labs. Along the way I was inspired to ink this picture of Chinese Lanterns  and Hyacinth Bean . I especially like oranges and purples together and like the dark shadowy way this one came together.
A dragonfly adds it's own particular beauty as does a Damsel Fly almost hidden in the Lantern's leaves.

The original image is SOLD but Limited Edition , signed & numbered prints are available

Small prints measure  7 1/2" x 10 1/2" and are $45.00

 Large prints are 10 1/2" x 15" and are $80.00